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SAG Elbud Gdansk and SAG Elbud Krakow are your partners for energy infrastructures.  

Latest news

  • Reconstruction of 400 kV and 110 kV lines for the investment „Construction of the Koszalin and Sianów ring road on the S6 express road with the section of S11 from node of Bielice to Koszalin West” 

  • Reconstruction of the double-circuit 110 kV line Płock – Refinery/ Podolszyce 

  • Modernization of switching station (RPZ) Gdańska 

  • Design and construction of MV cable line with the MV/HV switchyard, located on MZK (Municipal Transportation Agency) in Ostrów Wielkopolski and supply of the existing auxiliaries of MZK 



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SAG Elbud Gdańsk

SAG Elbud Gdańsk S.A.
ul. Marynarki Polskiej 87
80-557 Gdańsk

Phone: +48 58-769-48-00
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SAG Elbud Kraków

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