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Business profile of SPIE Elbud Gdańsk S.A. and SAG Elbud Kraków Sp. z o.o.

The SPIE SAG Group is one of Europe's leading service and system supplier for electrical power, gas and water networks, as well as installations for generating, providing and applying electricity, water, and gas energy. In Poland, the SPIE SAG Group is represented by SPIE Elbud Gdańsk S.A. and SAG Elbud Kraków Sp. z o.o.

Company profiles of SAG Elbud Gdansk S.A. and of SAG Elbud Krakow Sp. z o.o.

Since the beginning, the companies SPIE Elbud Gdańsk S.A. and SAG Elbud Kraków Sp. z o.o. participated in the construction of electric power transmission and distribution networks in Poland and Europe. We specialize in the construction of HV and UHV substations, overhead and cable lines at all voltage levels as well as the modernization and repair, including turnkey projects. Within the scope of our activities are also design and construction of wind farms.

Our clients include companies in the electrical power industry, large industrial enterprises, investors of the renewable energy sector as well as local authorities. The specialist knowledge of our employees, their skills and long-term experience have been useful in implementing the most demanding projects. We offer our clients the best technical solutions adapted to their needs and expectations.

Our motto is professionalism and required deadline. Due to high quality of our services, we have gained recognition a broad group of clients.