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History and tradition since 1946

History SAG Poland

SPIE Elbud Gdańsk S.A.

The beginnings of the company go back to the year 1949 when the Zaklad Okregowy in Gdansk was created as a part of the multi-employer government company "Panstwowe Budownictwo Elektryczne" based in Kraków.

Since 1990, smaller companies that were part of the larger government companies began working towards independence. And so, in May 1995, the company Elbud Gdańsk Holding S.A. was created.

On the 31 May 2006 the name of the company was changed to SAG Elbud Gdańsk Holding S.A., emphasizing our affiliation to SAG Group, which is one of the leading service provider in the power system infrastructure sector in Europe.

On 28 December 2011, as a result of development of the SAG Group, SAG Elbud Gdańsk Holding SA was merged with SAG Polska SA. At the same time the company’s name was changed to SAG Elbud Gdańsk Spółka Akcyjna.

SAG Elbud Kraków Sp. z o.o.

We are one of the oldest power construction companies operating in Poland. Our main business areas include power stations, high voltage cable and overhead lines as well as wind farms.

The company is derived from the National Electrical Construction (Panstwowe Budownictwo Elektryczne), founded in 1946 in Kraków. Its purpose was the reconstruction and development of the national electricity infrastructure.

In the longest period of our history we functioned under the name Przedsiębiorstwa Budownictwa Elektroenergetycznego "Elbud" in Kraków (the Power Construction Enterprise), while at the end of the 1990’s under the name ABB Elbud S.A. In the twenty-first century the company changed its name to Elcon Elbud S.A.

Both the company’s name and owner changed on 4 January 2010, when the division of the company became final, which resulted in the construction part being taken over by the German company SAG .

During our long period of activity, we have built and modernized several hundred substations and almost five thousand kilometres of high and medium voltage power lines.

We have directly taken part in the implementation of the newest systems and technologies which is changing the shape of the Polish power industry, including: the 400 kV line Krosno-Lemieszany, the first line in Poland with the bundle of triple wires in the system of an equilateral triangle; a 110 kV cable under the Vistula riverbed in Kraków; gas-insulated switchgear, including the first 220 kV gas-insulated switchgear in Poland in the "Gdansk I" substation.